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A whole other zone of our lives – August in Grand Lake, CO (western slope of Rocky Mountain National Park) every summer from 2002 – 2018. Heaven.

The big ?-0

Turning 40 is a big deal. A transition from the young’ish, hip-sounding 30s to the decidedly middle-aged-sounding 40s. There is a lot one has to think through and adjust to when it’s your 40th birthday. Or…I imagine that’s the case? For the life of me, I could not remember my 40th birthday, which was aContinue reading “The big ?-0”

Our brush with fame

I’m skipping ahead in my pet chronology here because this particular story is so topical, given the presidential election in two days. I’m going to need to set the stage, however, so get comfortable. Cast your mind back to our very first greyhound, Barney. You remember him, of course – handsome beyond handsome, but withContinue reading “Our brush with fame”

One small victory

Here we are, friends: 6 weeks into Stanford’s autumn quarter; 9 days until the election, so many weeks into the pandemic…we are all looking for bright points right now. I had a lovely zoom call with HumBio students during one of my tea events this past week (shout-out to the awesome students who swung by!)Continue reading “One small victory”

A panda respite

I don’t know how she knew that this was the right time, but Mei Xiang, one of the gorgeous Giant Pandas at the National Zoo in Washington D.C., gave birth in August. Thank you Mei Xiang! A brand new panda cub is exactly the right antidote to this time of unending challenge. Before we goContinue reading “A panda respite”

A new school year!

Before this post starts tripping along the frothy path it normally takes, I want to extend my sympathy to all of those affected by the wildfires on our dear West Coast. Many have lost their lives and many more their homes; this fire season has been relentless. I would also like to thank – fromContinue reading “A new school year!”

Dang it’s hot!

Well, for those of us in California right now it is HOT! And how about that thunder and lightning storm last night? Happily, none of our California-born pets realized that they were supposed to get freaked out by the thunder so they slept right through. As it happens, tomorrow is the kids’ first day backContinue reading “Dang it’s hot!”


Ok friends, I could tell you or I could just SHOW YOU: What!! Our pandemic panic-purchased chickens started laying eggs this week! Now of course this was always the idea, right? But despite knowing this outcome in theory, because none of us has an agricultural background, we remain completely bamboozled and amazed. And how aboutContinue reading “#proudparent”

Back on the wagon

Dear readers, I am back! I have neglected this blog dreadfully. I think what ended up happening is that we had our June celebration for our superb HumBio seniors and then I dissolved into a heap. And then time kept going by and you know that feeling where more and more time is passing andContinue reading “Back on the wagon”


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