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A whole other zone of our lives – August in Grand Lake, CO (western slope of Rocky Mountain National Park) every summer from 2002 – 2018. Heaven.

A diversion

You know, the timestamp on this blog thing is brutal. The last post was May 3. Today is… a fair amount later. The delay, in part, is due to my pondering what my next post might be about when sooooo little is happening our lives. Desperation finally led to the following thought process: Hey! IContinue reading “A diversion”

Easter egg hunt!

Hold it, wasn’t Easter like…3 weeks ago?  Easter was actually on April 12 (I just looked it up) but I’ll be honest; this year, it snuck up and caught us completely unaware.  In our house, however, disregarding Easter was not popular. For the kids, it was unacceptable to miss out on an opportunity to stockContinue reading “Easter egg hunt!”

Stanford spring quarter – week 3

Good morning, all! My daughter and I biked to campus yesterday to take pictures to give you some more glimpses of your beautiful university. It is really missing its students! As are we.

The Homefront

Coming in just under the wire to ensure an at least weekly blog. Not sure if you’ve found this, but my, how the bar has been lowered lately. Anyway, to start us off, our roses are about to bloom! Now lest one get any grandiose notions, our roses look fantabulous for about 2 weeks andContinue reading “The Homefront”

Stanford – Spring 2020

Hello All! Tomorrow is the official start of spring quarter at Stanford. My husband and I rode our bikes all over campus this morning in the rain to take pictures to create this slideshow for our awesome HumBio students. We miss having you on campus!


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