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A whole other zone of our lives – August in Grand Lake, CO (western slope of Rocky Mountain National Park) every summer from 2002 – 2018. Heaven.

Life choices

One important part of my job day-to-day is listen and counsel as students describe and weigh choices they need to make in their lives. Should they choose this academic area of concentration or a different one? This career or that career? Big decisions, any of which could have the potential to shape the rest ofContinue reading “Life choices”

Being in the know

One of the many upsides of having teens in the house is the constant opportunity for self-improvement. Our lacunae are pointed out on a daily basis, which is super helpful. My knowledge base is a frequent target and I readily acknowledge some serious gaps, for example, history. Did I just pay no attention in thisContinue reading “Being in the know”

Welcome home

Wonderful Stanford Human Biology students – I can’t believe that many of you will finally be heading home to Stanford. What a relief! It is such a joy to know that you will be on campus and enjoying this place and each other (in a safe and sensible and rule-following way, of course). I wasContinue reading “Welcome home”

The halfway mark

Those of us occupying the Stanford universe find ourselves at that delicate moment halfway through winter quarter. This is the time when everyone needs to dig deep. Students are battling through their midterms, coping with the accumulation of 5 weeks of course material. Faculty, meanwhile, are willing themselves to keep going for another 5 weeksContinue reading “The halfway mark”

The big ?-0

Turning 40 is a big deal. A transition from the young’ish, hip-sounding 30s to the decidedly middle-aged-sounding 40s. There is a lot one has to think through and adjust to when it’s your 40th birthday. Or…I imagine that’s the case? For the life of me, I could not remember my 40th birthday, which was aContinue reading “The big ?-0”

Our brush with fame

I’m skipping ahead in my pet chronology here because this particular story is so topical, given the presidential election in two days. I’m going to need to set the stage, however, so get comfortable. Cast your mind back to our very first greyhound, Barney. You remember him, of course – handsome beyond handsome, but withContinue reading “Our brush with fame”


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