Day 5: Full-on family time

March 18, 2020

Here we are, day 5 of all family members in the house – and now with shelter-in-place starting on Monday – we really are all in the house (or outside very nearby). Talk about a change.

For some reason, our reaction to the news that our kids would be home for weeks on end was to procure baby chicks. ??? Hard to explain our spur of the moment pet procurement, but that is how we roll. On Saturday morning, we dashed up to Marin and came home with these angels:

Names still being negotiated but tentatively, clockwise starting with that petite sweetie black and white chick: Pepper (or Q, don’t ask); Siena, Sunshine (picture a heart emoji here); Harpy (naked neck variety, the name was my son’s inspiration); and Fluff (the name I came up with! so creative, right)?

Stay tuned for many more chick photos to come!

Published by Lianne Kurina

I am an epidemiologist, the proud director of the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University, and a very keen horsewoman.

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