Domestic bliss

Ok, friends, counting the days of joint confinement will not help anyone, it turns out, not a single soul. So instead, let’s test out the strategy of articulating the bright spots in a given day: (1) Bread! Day after day, I’ve been putting together a loaf. That I am counting as a total success. Ok, haters (I see you, Paul Hollywood), it is not helpful at this juncture to note the split side. One step at a time with this whole process.

(2) Chicks! Of course. Always a bright spot. Here is Miss Fluff taking a nap in my lap. After dinner in this shelter-in-place thing, we’ve developed the habit of handing the chicks out and snuggling them. This is a very positive thing :).

Other pets of note! Now, oddly, my dog Jack has not yet made an appearance in this blog. That’s crazy, as he is Momma’s angel, if ever there were one. Here he is, photographed by an artiste (my daughter) in black and white. Hecka cute, right?

That’s it for tonight, friends, there are a number of snarky tweets I need to retweet before this day is done.

Published by Lianne Kurina

I am an epidemiologist, the proud director of the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University, and a very keen horsewoman.

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