Energy and persistence conquer all things

Lest you think that the gem in the title represents my own wisdom:

This is the cover of the new adapter for my computer. At least I hope it’s my new adapter? I saw this message on the box and thought, time to blog! Just as, this entire past week, when I’ve sat down to work on class prep, I’ve thought, time to clean! time to put in a load of laundry! time to…! etc. So I have not yet actually opened the box. My friend Holly told me that I should trust the process, that this is all part of the process. Which is just one more illustration of why we are such good friends.

The other day, when I said to my daughter: “You know, I have to start teaching next week!” her response was: “I don’t mean to minimize your suffering, but one of us has been in high school already for several weeks. One of us has to take a test every other week. The other one of us sits around and says, ‘Whose pet do we have to look at here today? Oh, so cute!'”

(Note: it is true that we do pet of the day / happiness of the day at the start of my classes but that is not the only thing we do. Just wanted to clarify in case any prospective students were getting worried.)

I do like this message about energy and persistence, however, and it would be terrific if I took it to heart, pronto. Because Stanford classes start….MONDAY!!! ON CAMPUS!!! IN PERSON!!!

Those all caps are meant to capture my total joy at returning. Moving forward, of course, but also returning: biking to campus, going to volleyball games, being with our wonderful HumBio team.

And returning to teaching! Where, of course, we will all happily learn about epidemiology and coo over pet pictures. Energy, persistence, and cuteness.

Jack looking particularly adorable, am I right?

Published by Lianne Kurina

I am an epidemiologist, the proud director of the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University, and a very keen horsewoman.

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