Spring quarter, end of week 1

Hello All! We made it to the end of the first week of Stanford’s spring quarter and what that means in this house, for some reason, is that everyone collapsed onto a heap on the couch, waiting for our Doordash delivery.

For our kids, this past week was spring break. Not clear it was marked by anything specific except, incredibly, even more time devoted to video games. (Just heard from our awesome and energetic Colorado friends that while we schlumped around the house this week, they assembled a skate ramp in their backyard. Oh my.)

Now, we did have some heated games of Bananagrams. I thought the products would give you a good sense of the state of mind of various family members. Here was one of Jonathan’s sets:

And here is one of Lucy’s, with a – slightly – more cheerful angle? As she was building, she was saying, “I need an S and an H and a T…” (and I know you were all just thinking what I was thinking). You can see what she pivoted to below.

In addition to bananagrams and making it halfway through our second Game of Thrones game, we had a fair amount of chicken time. I thought you might enjoy seeing their progress. Here they are, all spending the days outside (then coming inside at night so my angels don’t get chilly).

I got a fair amount of hassle last night from Simon about my “lack of loyalty.” Here, according to Simon, is the parade of my favorites:

“First you’re like, “Fluff and I have a special connection” and then “Like a ray of sunshine in momma’s heart” (apropos Sunshine, of course) and now you say “Chickpea and I truly understand each other.” It is the case that I require quite specific behavior from the chicks – no pooping on me (ideally), not too much flapping, and being fine with snuggling. These are not conditions easily met thus my fickle nature.

From the very first day, Simon asserted that Harpy was the most intelligent of the bunch (how? not clear, she definitely has the least feathers if that’s relevant?) and he has been true to her ever since. He’s been much less keen on the rest of us (“No offense, but it is really hard having to spend so much time with you all.”)

No offense, but how does one not take offense at that? Happy weekend, all :).

Published by Lianne Kurina

I am an epidemiologist, the proud director of the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University, and a very keen horsewoman.

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