Back on the wagon

Dear readers, I am back! I have neglected this blog dreadfully. I think what ended up happening is that we had our June celebration for our superb HumBio seniors and then I dissolved into a heap. And then time kept going by and you know that feeling where more and more time is passing and you get more and more hopeless about ever getting back on that exercise/nutrition/blog regimen you had going? That was me this last 1.5 months.

Ok, full disclosure. I have also spent a fair amount of time at the barn helping out with the walker and restarting my Western riding. Together, Maya (a sweet little chestnut mare – I’ll be sure to get you a pic soon) and I imagine various cows that need rounding up in the arena and charge around to accomplish that. It’s hard to describe just how fun this is.

But now I am back and energized! In fact, as my family will tell you, I have been wandering around declaring “I am a goddammed cheetah!” This is a reference to Untamed which somehow ended up as one of my recommended books on my kindle. Now note that the whole recommendation system on kindle gets pretty bamboozled as all four of our family members plus my Mom are on the same kindle account. In any case, there is a lot I am enjoying about Untamed (I’m midway through), principally this quote which I now throw around with abandon. Here is how it generally goes:

Me (in response to whatever seems like a reasonable prompt): “I am a goddammed cheetah!”

Lucy: rolls eyes

Jonathan: “Uh huh” (On laptop, typing away

Simon: “Here we go…”

Now I’m thinking that if you have been missing anything from this blog, it would be photos of our chickens, am I right? Well, here are our lovely ladies:

Clockwise from the bottom: Chickpea, Fluff, Sunshine, Pepper Potts, Harpy

And because there is no such thing as too much of a nice thing – here are four of the girls dust-bathing in the ruin of what was once our vegetable box:

Now – I know that we were heading down memory lane with regard to the pets when I last wrote in earnest (just about 2 months ago to the day! Lordy). Starting with the next post, we will get right back onto that road together :).

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I am an epidemiologist, the proud director of the Program in Human Biology at Stanford University, and a very keen horsewoman.

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