Peace – here is where I find it.

This new blog endeavor of mine – here is the post that explains the whole point…

03.12.2020 Wonderful Human Biology Students – while I guess everyone (in the whole world? yikes) can see this blog, I am really writing to you. This coronavirus thing is pushing me into a totally new communication platform. We’ll find out together how it turns out!

I’m starting the blog because the campus is now so_darn_quiet. Here in Building 20 and in the classrooms, we are missing you, our students, our raison d’etre! So I thought I would start writing regularly to those of you interested in tuning in to keep in touch, to say how much we are missing you, and to share funny and/or lovely things in the interest of cheering us all up.

This blog will not contain official Stanford communications or official HumBio communications. Just nice pictures of campus and of our pets, and musings – some of which may fall into the category termed by my 13-year old as “Life lessons with Lianne” (this after my warning her of the perils of credit card debt). 

For today, three photos to share with you – one of the campus this morning in the fog, one of a rock given to me by Suzi Weersing (helpful message right now!) and one of a pollinator hard at work that I saw while walking the dog. The native lilacs are blooming, which is such a nice time here.

Take care, wonderful students! More soon :). 

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